Berman Creative

We love the hard cases

We specialize in the most difficult communications challenges, working with businesses to influence how their prospects think and behave.

It’s a leap from creating something new to finding a market for it. We’ve worked with more than 50 innovative companies to help make their products and services attractive to the people who can use them.

One thing we’ve learned from experiences with our clients: The more innovative the solution, the more difficult it is to build a business around it. While early adopters and innovators will be drawn to the newest new thing, more than 90% of your potential customers are reluctant to try it.

This is where Applied Empathy is most powerful. Focused on persuasion, our method positions your brand as the answer to a question your potential customers are already asking, rather than an unproven novelty.

A history of success

We have proven expertise marketing disruptive solutions. For more than 13 years, we’ve helped build Boston’s thriving Innovation Economy.

From research and development labs in universities, teaching hospitals and laboratories, to academic publications, to patenting activity, to angel and venture funding, Boston rises to the top in any measure of innovation and creation. But, as every successful entrepreneur has learned, an innovation without a market is just another tool on the pegboard.

We help our clients connect their new ideas with the people who can put them to use. Because a new idea isn’t an innovation until it finds a market. And there’s a discipline to how that happens.

Berman Creative
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